A collection within a collection, a creative tale that draws on and celebrates the style of the early twentieth century: Futura was born from a sometimes daring experimentation that takes us back to the near past, always with the typical Salda awareness of a historical continuity that can gradually take on different interpretations.

Thousand lines takes its cue from the Deco style, seen and reinterpreted towards the Salda image.

Research and a passion for technical experimentation give rise to a new capsule collection made up of highly valuable materials.

From a love of research and a passion for technical and decorative experimentation comes Double Wood, a new line of creations developed from an iconic piece in the Salda collection.

An extension of the collection that, starting from our original Art Deco style eight-legged table with double wood inlay and handmade bronzes, is articulated in nine different ideas, united by a refined modernist aesthetic and the use of ancient craftsmanship techniques.